Everyone knows that straight teeth are an important part of a beautiful smile, but did you know that straightening your teeth can also affect your overall health? Teeth that are properly aligned are less prone to decay and other dental problems, meaning they are less likely to need expensive dentistry in the future. The many adverse conditions that can be caused by crooked teeth can eventually require painful and time-consuming repair and maintenance treatments, amounting to thousands of dollars in restorative care and countless hours in the dental chair. Straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatments will not only position your teeth in their correct alignment but also increase their function and help prevent future dental problems, making a significant difference in your teeth for life.

Ask us today about Invisalign® clear aligners, a series of thin plastic aligners that are custom-made to gradually move and align your teeth. Our dentists will monitor you throughout the process, and you will have regular checkups with Dr. Akram Sannaa Reach out to Chevy Chase Dental Center at 202-362-3353 and plan an Invisalign appointment in Washington, DC, today!

To get the smile you’ve always wanted, Invisalign is the answer. Invisalign is transforming smiles with a more sophisticated technology and data points from millions of smiles for better predictability. Invisalign is the world’s most advanced clear aligner system, proven to move your teeth more precisely and more comfortably than ordinary aligners. Your treatment plan is built based off your doctor’s prescription and years of research and intelligence from millions of patients, so your treatment experience is entirely personalized to you. You don’t have to make extreme changes to your lifestyle because Invisalign aligners can be easily removed during activities such as eating, drinking, or playing sports. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign is on average five months faster than braces. Studies have also shown that patients using Invisalign had less plaque and superior periodontal health than those wearing braces. Additionally, Invisalign patients will have no accidents with broken brackets or pokey wires in your mouth!