oral cancerOral cancer is a serious issue that too often goes undetected. This is because early signs of the disease don’t often cause pain or other noticeable symptoms. Our oral cancer screening protocol has been created by professionals in both the dental and medical fields. Together, they have created a way to detect symptoms early and accurately. Our dentists can make your screening easy to plan. We provide oral cancer screenings for each patient during their dental exams or recare appointments.

When you come in for your visit, Dr. Akram Sannaa and Dr. Azin Ghesmati will carefully examine your smile. Our office may also ask if you have noticed any symptoms or recent changes in your smile. These may include a persistent sore throat or bleeding or discomfort at the back of the throat. Bumps, rough spots, white or red patches, and sores may appear on the face, neck or inside the mouth. Chronic ear pain or numbness around the face and neck may also be early symptoms. In addition to discomfort, patients may also have difficulty chewing, speaking or swallowing food. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t put yourself at risk. Call 202-362-3353 and plan an oral cancer screening in Washington, DC, at Chevy Chase Dental Center.