Our team at Chevy Chase Dental Center does our best to help preserve and keep your natural teeth. But when tooth removal is necessary, our office will help make your experience as comfortable as possible. Often, an extraction is needed when a tooth has been severely damaged by tooth decay or gum disease. A tooth might also need to be removed if the tooth has become impacted or unable to erupt above the gumline. (No matter the reason why the tooth is being removed, the procedure is considered dental surgery.) After your extraction, Dr. Akram Sannaa will help you choose a dental restoration appliance or dental implant.


Do I need a tooth extracted?

If our dentists cannot prevent the death of a tooth, it may need to be extracted. Extensive tooth decay and large cavities can damage too much tissue to support a dental restoration. Large cracks and fractures can also be a reason for a tooth removal.

What happens during an extraction?

First, our dentists will numb the extraction site. This helps you feel comfortable while a member of our team loosens the tooth. Once this is done, we will then use forceps to lift the tooth out of its socket.

What happens after the treatment?

Once the tooth has been removed, a piece of gauze will be applied to the site. Our dentists will ask you to bite down on this for up to 45 minutes. Patients may notice some bleeding and facial swelling for a day or so after their appointment. We recommend eating soft, cool foods after your appointment so that you can avoid irritating the extraction site. If you have any questions after your tooth extraction in Washington, DC, reach out to our dental office and call 202-362-3353.